The world's first foundation model for multi-modal time series data.

Synthefy incorporates rich contextual data for your domain to significantly boost the accuracy of time series analysis.

The complete time series analysis platform.

Synthefy's Generative AI technology allows customers in energy, finance, networking, e-commerce, and more to unlock insights from their rich time series data.


For Visualization and Analytics


For Stress-Testing, Data Anonymization, and Robust Machine Learning


For Anomaly Detection, Capacity Planning, and Prediction

How it works.

By incorporating relevant metadata we can significantly boost the accuracy of synthetic and forecasted time series data.

Forecasting Diagram

Explore Synthefy's different use cases.


Forecast sales and inventory while accounting for ads, website traffic, past sales, and macro-economic conditions.


Forecast energy demand patterns while accounting for weather, location, home type, and EV charging schedules.


Synthesize privacy-preserving medical ECG patterns based on patient demographics and health records.


Synthesize a digital twin for a network based on application traffic types, network topology, cell location, or even system logs.